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At Alley Cats & Desert Dogs, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in raising funds through community donations of household and other recyclable items.


Our efforts are not only helping our best friends, but we are also helping to keep recyclable items from the landfills.  


We can fix many items and make them reusable again through reupholstering or other easy solutions.  


Just don't throw it away. Give us a chance to see if we can fix and resell it for the greater good of all.

Why TNR stray dogs?


​A single male and female stray dog can litter around 16 puppies a year. Their puppies then produce more puppies. Within a span of 6 years there will be over 67,000 stray dogs as a result of that one single pair of un-neutered dogs.

Why TNR stray Cats?


​A single pair of stray cats will produce around 12 kittens in a year. This leads to a total of 66,088 stray cats in 6 years or 11,606,077 stray cats after 9 years.

Thank you to Alley Cat Allies for your grant of $1500 during the COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency!  Like humans, our best friends continue to need food, vet care and compassion everyday, all day.  We are very grateful for the help received! 

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