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Here at Alley Cats & Desert Dogs Relief Project, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Through social media, we are helping to save cats and dogs that cannot be adopted.  Without help, feral animals are doomed to live and scrounge on the streets. Many are  flea-ridden; starving, diseased, living in extreme heat or freezing cold, and sometimes blinded or living without all of their limbs.  Sadly, they suffer human cruelty and traffic peril on a day-to-day basis.  Most feral animals will never know a kind touch or a day without suffering. They are driven away from habitats and often picked up and taken to kill shelters where they are euthanized.   Through our Trap Neuter and Release Program (TNR), we try to relieve them as much as we can.  We target packs, prides and colonies of stray dogs and cats, trap them, take them to a low cost vet for spaying and neutering,  health check- ups, de-fleaing, worming and first vaccinations.  Once spayed or neutered, we release them where we picked them up.  

And we don’t stop there. If they live in an alley, a park, or even a construction site, we look for a special (nearby) person to act as a care giver.  We will provide dry food and other life-saving essentials when and where needed.  In doing so, we can alleviate some of their suffering.  And that is what our project is all about.  


If the pack or pride needs to be relocated for safety reasons we will look for a safe place for them. We also look for people who are willing to donate land or gardens or other outdoor space where the animals can live and can be relocated safely.   

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