Jughead & Betty

Jughead and Betty were born to a feral mother in Mumbai, India. A very sweet, young, college boy took the heavily pregnant mother in and cared for her.


A rescuer (Shibani) here took it upon herself to help him with the kittens and mama cat. She gave birth to three little babies. After they weaned, she was neutered and luckily adopted by someone who didn't want her going back to the streets. In India, people prefer to adopt single kittens vs pairs.


As fate would so have it, Judhead and Betty were so close, we didn't have the heart to separate them. While their sibling was adopted immediately, these two had a long foster with me. I randomly messaged Shibani on Facebook to see if I could help. I'm so glad I did. She suggested I take these two in. Jughead 

I've never seen two cats more attached. They refuse to eat from separate bowls, they play together, sleep together, explore together and even use the litter box together. 

Now as I don't actually live in Mumbai, I told Shibani that I was not able to foster them past a couple of months (that turned into 5 months).

This girl coordinates foster homes, vet runs, tests, medications, stocking up fosters with food + litter, TNR's and feedings all on her own with a full time job. In her free time she reads medical books to study up on veterinary medicine so she knows that all the furbabies under her care are accurately diagnosed and treated. She's the reason we found out that they are FIV positive.


Several people were rejected to adopt these two, we finally found the perfect family. After a house inspection, we moved them there and they are completely integrated. 

Because of one Facebook message, I found an angel in Mumbai and I got to be part of rehoming two furbabies here. The world is a better place because of people like Shibani.

By: Lorraine S.

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