Missy's Dresser

It all stemmed from a major disruption in our waste pick up last spring.  Republic was going through some changes and I noticed that our neighbors were throwing out a lot of good furniture and other items(Dressers, Chairs, appliances, desks, -you name it; it was sitting on the curb for days sometimes.) Good, reusable items  were being set out in the rain to be wasted or thrown in a landfill.  And there is a reason.


Many people don’t have trucks, or a way to take larger items to thrift stores.   The animal lover in me saw a good idea in this. Rather than throw away reusable items, let’s work together, as a community, to solve the feral problems.  So I asked my neighbors to call me before throwing away reusable items.  And many did. 

Here is a story about a dresser and some ferals. The dresser below was donated by one of our neighbors on Nextdoor. (Thank you Jennifer.)  It needed some work but it was indeed a treasure to be saved as it is a vintage, French Provincial dresser. I brought it home, cleaned it up and listed it on the marketplace for $40.  It didn’t take very long for Missy (in Citrus County) to discover this little gem. Missy rehabs and restores furniture and decided to pick it up.  The $40 that Missy paid for the dresser was put toward two surgeries. 

The picture on the top is the restored version of the same dresser.   Missy did a beautiful job restoring this dresser. She will rehab a mirror to match it and we will look to auction it in the near future.  This is the magic of giving. So many benefit from one kind gesture. 

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