There are several ways you can help us with our initiative.

1. Donate house hold items, furniture, clothes or accessories, electronics or anything you think we can resell. 

2. Donate your time. Help us collect, move, deliver and sell donated items. We could use some muscle.

3. Donate directly to us. Click on the donate button and send us funds directly.

4. Sponsor the TNR of either cats or dogs in a location of your choosing. We will have the procedure done and your funds will go directly to the clinic.

5. Donate a service. If you have a skill that we could use, please contact us. We are always happy for helpers.

6. Foster and help find fosters for our strays.

7. Fundraise for us. Set up fundraisers, events, collections or even find sponsors for us.

8. Spread the word. Help us spread our message and goals around the world. Every little helps.


​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

You can sign-up to help us by filling out this form or visit our Contact Us page. Thank you for your support!


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